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Timmerhus Panels Series is the play system intended for a bigger group. The blocks can be used to create anything kids imagine: castles, houses, tunnels, cars, trains and more creative constructions always living in kids reality.

They are large so everything is built quickly and is very spectacular.


Tearing the construction down again brings a lot of joy, because despite their size Panels are delicate and light, therefore they guarantee safety of fun. Indefinite possibilities of stacking as well as simple forms unlock kids creativity and require full collaboration with other members fo the group.


Timmerhus Panels Series can be bought in sets of 80, 110 or 150 different blocks. You can also compose your ownindividual set being a combination of those three.


The Logs are the largest Timmerhus blocks. Playing with these blocks is about taking on the role of constructor and builder almost like in the real world. The size of the blocks does not allow independent play, making this series the most advanced series encouraging communication and collaboration in a group.


Whatever will be built must be thought out and planned in advance, because the building will be really big. Those blocks are perfectly suitable for outdoor play – they can also be a permanent display of outdoor playgrounds. In addition to their design and construction function, these blocks can also be used as elements of obstacle courses and motor games.


Timmerhus Marble Run is a set of large blocks used to build a long, complex ball track that requires a lot of imagination. Great fun in teaching gravity, spatial thinking and an advanced tool to train logical thinking. 


These blocks encourage communication, exchange of ideas, develop persuasion skills.


They will be excellent for project analysis and implementation exercises in all group tasks.
A set of blocks contains 44 blocks and 40 balls and the blocks can have basic dimensions of 200x200mmor300x300mm.


The Bricks Series is a great play material for the smallest children. Simple geometric shapes erecting walls, building tunnels or houses. These blocks are excellent for preschool and can be used both indoor and outdoor.


They are light and easy to build. Adapted to small hands, but they can be used to create tall buildings whose demolition will be a real and safe fun for every toddler.

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