large foam blocks


Timmerhus Panels Series is the play system intended for a bigger group. The blocks can be used to create anything kids imagine: castles, houses, tunnels, cars, trains and more creative constructions always living in kids reality.

They are large so everything is built quickly and is very spectacular.


The Logs are the largest Timmerhus blocks. Playing with these blocks is about taking on the role of constructor and builder almost like in the real world. The size of the blocks does not allow independent play, making this series the most advanced series encouraging communication and collaboration in a group.


Timmerhus Marble Run is a set of large blocks used to build a long, complex ball track that requires a lot of imagination. Great fun in teaching gravity, spatial thinking and an advanced tool to train logical thinking.


These blocks encourage communication, exchange of ideas, develop persuasion skills.

About us

Timmerhus is a brand for creative building sets designed to boost the imagination power of children above 3 years old through instruction free and open play. Light but large forms give the kids many possibilities: stacking, lining the blocks up, connecting them, channeling or assembling and… do whatever the kids imagination will propose.


The variety of shapes and endless configuration possibilities make the blocks a tool that supports the rapid development of intellect and maintains the child’s continuous activity. Kids will build houses, castles, trains, cars, spaceships, animals and put them into their wonderful imaginary world that adults cannot cover.

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